Monday, July 4, 2011

Stairway to the Water's Edge

Steps as they begin! See the first step near the water?

Ever since Olivia, our wacky lab with ADHD, first flew down the embankment as a little puppy on acid, and then scrambled back up as quickly, I have been thinking, "We need steps!" We now also share our home with Sammy, a sweet but somewhat older and much more mellow lab. He loves the water but I fear helplessly watching him float away if I ever let him swim because he would not be able to navigate the rocks and steep angle of the little hill that separates our property from water's edge. And our grand kids, how much would they love to explore the beach, searching for rocks and shells? We need steps I told my husband, we need steps!

The steep hillside

We decided to stick around home this holiday weekend. Sticking around home doesn't mean, sitting around home. I painted an old green metal and glass table to match our new metal and rattan chairs. I am painting the picnic table that sits out on the dock. And....we started building steps to the water. What a clever husband I have. With a few boards (and thanks to Gabe and Dan), some nails, and lots of flexibility we started our stairway to the river! The first step is done. Steps 2-8 come today.

The now-matching table and chairs :)

Now, Sammy can go swimming, tho I can still see him floating away in the current, so I am letting my sister-in-law take that old boy swimming. Olivia, aka Ms. Water Dog, who always swims like she's possessed, pumping those cute little webbed feet a million miles a minute, I feel sure will always make it to shore.

The happy dogs :)

Stairway to a little heaven for mellow old puppies and adorable little grand girls.

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