Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Stair Story Continues On

Here are a pair of happy feet.
Notice water swirling around the stairs.

One broken saw blade? No problemo.
Time to retire the 40-year old saw, anyway.
Enter one new saw!
"And this one," my husband told me with a big grin,
"has a laser light!"

Steps 9 and 10 almost screwed in, two days and 8 hours later.
Who knew it'd be so much work :(

"Be the first to walk on the new steps," my husband told me!

Securing the handrail. No, let's try it this way. That's not working.
Let's try it like this. Wow, sticking out. OK, how about this....
Three times the charm and the hand rail is finally in place.

Steps to the beach....woohoo!
Thank you wonderful husband!

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