Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Relaxed Now and Renewed :)

So, can I just tell you how much time it took to find a copy of Judith Lasater's book for my upcoming training in San Francisco. Who knew that once a book has a new edition, book sellers let the old edition run out. For the book I need which was published a year ago, the new edition won't be available until November. It looked like it was available through Barnes and Noble, they took my money and then 2 days later sent me an e-mail saying, "cancelled" with no more information. In the meantime every place I called ran out of the book, across the country! The library couldn't order it in time for me. Oy vey!

OK, go the used book route. That worked until I found out that Expedited shipping can take 14 days to actually have the book in hand (which I only found out on the last page of my order). You pay $7.99 to get it shipped within 2-6 days but it could take another 10 to get the book in your hands. False advertising. I cancelled that order. I finally broke down, literally (haha) and downloaded the book onto my iPad. It's significantly cheaper and I have my hands right now! I'm hooked.

So, now I AM finally relaxed...and renewed! What an experience. For one who loves technology, it took a lot for me to try downloading a book. I was forced into it. But I will do it again!

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