Monday, July 11, 2011

The Beach!

So, we have lived at our condo for well over 5 years now. Not by choice (nasty housing market as we all know), but we are here.
That entire time we have looked at the beach, enjoyed the sunsets, been boating across the water. I have only "combed it" once.
Now, with our new stairs we have a giant front yard and the dogs loved it!

This Sunday, the dogs played fetch (well, Olivia kind of ran/limped with that sore paw), swam, ran, and exhausted themselves.
Which is always good for the humans!

And this is why Ms. O has a limp paw. We found huge amounts of glass on the beach.
It's not too clear here but this bag is 1/4 of the way full.
There is green glass, white glass, brown glass...all waiting to slice open the innocent piece of flesh!
My new job is to comb frequently and warn all visitors, "Flip flops required at all times."
But, it's still way fun.

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