Monday, February 14, 2011

Meditation Helps Me Float Away for the Weekend!

Angels Wings

I asked one of my very first yoga students
who had been in a Friday afternoon class with me for well over a year,
what her favorite part of yoga was,
"Meditation," was her quick answer.
"Why is that?" I asked my young yoga student.
"Because it helps me float away for the weekend."

Mantra Meditation or Meditation Helps Me Float Away

I recently introduced my students to mantra meditation. I knew that several girls were struggling in their relationship with their family members and/or friends. And, so, one afternoon, I introduced my students to mantra meditation. Mantra meditation is ancient (in Sanskrit it means "instrument of thought") and has been practiced for several thousand years. I told my students to meditate on a positive word or a phrase that speaks to them. Think about what you would like to have happen or how you would like to feel. "I have lots of friends. I love myself. I am happy," were all suggestions I gave my attentive students. After I rang the chimes to signal the beginning of meditation and sat with my own eyes closed for a minute of so, I opened my eyes. I am always curious how my young yogis respond to meditation and part of me is always keeping a watchful eye on them. One girl was looking around the room but sitting quietly and clearly lost in thought. Several other students sat peacefully with their eyes closed and bodies still while one little boy, who cannot close his eyes out or anxiety lay quietly on his mat in crocodile pose (face down). Not a word was spoken as we sat for 3 quiet minutes. After meditation I always have an art activity set up. This afternoon, we drew with colored markers. "Draw what meditation is to you," was my direction. Olivia, a young yoga artist, described her drawing, Angels Wings (shown above) to me. " That's me sitting on the boat and even though there is lightening, black clouds and rain, and a giant wave almost crashing into the boat, I am peaceful and safe, meditating."

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  1. This is so wonderful and so true! You are doing so many wonderful things with Little Yogi's Sis. So happy and proud of the work you are doing in the world!


    Your bro...