Friday, December 3, 2010

Using Yoga


I once worked with a student who was delightful but cognitively challenged. He also suffered from a heart ailment. My time to work with him was 1:30, right before the end of the school day. At a parent conference we discussed how unavailable he was to learning at that time of the day...he was just too tired. My colleague, sitting across from me at that meeting, who knew that I taught yoga and meditation to kids after school on Fridays, suggested that I do a little yoga with him at the beginning of my sessions. I don't know why this seemed so surprising to me, I was trained to teach yoga to kids and to teach yoga to kids in the classroom. I had hours of meditation and adult yoga training yet using it to help at school, during my sessions with this student, just didn't occur to me. Next time I saw this student we practiced bunny breath to energize him, we pushed the table aside and did 2 sun salutations, and we meditated for 5 minutes. He was then, ready to learn! I guess I learned something valuable, that day, as well :) Use yoga! It works :)

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