Thursday, November 25, 2010

TED - Technology, Entertainment, Design

I love surfing around on my husband's computer in the early morning hours as the sun rises, before I meditate and do my yoga and get breakfast, shower.....on and on and on....Anyway, as I was up on this early Thanksgiving morning I found TED, a website, nonprofit company, devoted to spreading new ideas. In a world where the news can make you want to run back to bed and dive under the covers all day, there are great things happening! And, on this Thanksgiving morning, I am grateful, among many other things, for such positive and possibly world-transforming organizations as TED! Nothing flaky here, the board of board or directors are all philosophers, psychologists, physicists, architects, inventors. Check them out at There are amazing things happening in our world beyond all the worries and woes we see on the nightly news :)

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