Sunday, August 22, 2010


Me at age 2 (the age of my granddaughter!)

I had a conversation with a wonderful friend the other day. We talked about our families because my self-reflective friend was seeing his parent's behaviors in his daily life and a little weirded out by it all. He has a weight problem and his eating habits are just like his mother's. He heard his father's "voice" coming out of his mouth recently when he was upset. Of course, I could completely relate. I told him that sometimes I wonder who I would be if I had been raised by different parents or in a different era or in a different country. Obviously I'd still be short with a head of curls, but who would I be? Is there a "me" independent of my rearing, I have wondered? The older I get the more I believe in that unique "me" or soul or whatever. And, I see for me, my personal goal, for the rest of my life, is to figure who I really am, as independent as I can be from the influence of my mom, my dad, my time in history. It always strikes me as so peculiar that I am myself but may not know who I really am. Of course, my behaviorist friend, Dr. Mike would tell me that who I am is all a function of my rearing......we are a product of our environment, he would say with confidence. But I think otherwise :)

Loving the Artist's Way...a book that has started me once again on this who-am--I adventure, through the lens of who ever I might be as a creative person.

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  1. Oh, lovey! You were such a perfect baby! And a perfect sis! I love all of how you are thinking in this Joy. you are such a reflective woman. I love that about you. Keep up this line of's bringing you to a very cool place.