Sunday, August 8, 2010

Batman to the Rescue

Who knew there were so many different types of bats. In New Hampshire, where our rental unit sits, there are 7 different varieties. Turns out they are are shy little creatures. As our Batman told me, they think of humans as grizzly bears...something to avoid. They are helpful to the environment, eating a lot of insects on their nightly forays into the wild or suburbia, depending where they roost. Why do I know so much about bats? Well, picture this, husband on a much-needed 4 day vacation, ocean kayaking way up in Maine. I get a phone call Saturday. "Ah...sorry to bother you, but this is one of your tenants." "Yes," I respond, wondering why I'm getting this call. "Ah....we have 4 bats in our house." OK...this was my husband's project before he left for his trip and I was hoping he had solved the problem but, alas, not. So, who to call when husband is unreachable on an island in the Atlantic Ocean? Whatever Batman will answer the phone on a Saturday afternoon! Turns out, David, our Batman to the Rescue, was a wonderful man, providing advice via the phone as to how to get the bats that are now hiding in the rental (somewhere in the kitchen the tenant thinks!), out. You open a window 1/2 way, make sure the screen is up. Set up a fan 5 feet away, blowing directly to the window. Wait overnight. In the morning bats will be hanging from the window, awaiting escape. Apparently, wind currents are how bats find their way in and out of a space. And, did you know a hole the diameter of a pencil is big enough for bats to squeeze through? Tonight David, the Batman, will assure tenants that all holes are filled so they'll be no more bat flybys in the wee hours of the morning, scaring the giant cat that jumps on the bed and awakens the tenants who scramble. So glad husband will be home shortly....he can take it from here! And, from here is how to manage removing the bats roosting in the attic (one-way doors I am told)..... Life, always interesting :)

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