Saturday, May 15, 2010

Where's My Wife?

My husband told me about the funniest dream he had last night. This is significant because he rarely remembers his dreams. He was walking around a local town, at night, in his blue plaid pajama bottoms with his pillow under his arm. He felt like a little kid. In his dream he didn't talk to anybody but people stared at him. He felt embarrassed but eventually found me. Whatever does that mean? They say when you don't dream much, every dream you recall is important. Furthermore "they" say that we actually dream all the time which is why the ones you recall carry such importance. Neither my husband nor I could really figure out the deep and hidden meaning in his wandering the streets, pillow under arm, looking for me, but it was pretty funny! Here I'm "lost" on the beach in Seattle....dancing around :P

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