Monday, May 17, 2010

The West

I love children's writing and drawings. I have collected various pieces over the years. This drawing was done by a Kindergartner with a very active and creative imagination. I love the building with home fires burning and flags flapping in the breeze. Here is her story.
The West

The people were going to a new place, like Hanukkah, or the West, like where cowboys usually go.
The flying submarine is going to another land
to destroy it.
The energy bowl gives the people energy so they
can watch TV or play games.

The "energy bowl" is the dark cap-like structure topping the building on the left. When I asked this clever little kid if there was more to the story, she said, as she laid her head on the desk, "I don't want to tell you everything because it makes me tired." Well, there you go!

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