Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mrs and Me - Mistake of the Week

My husband told me the funniest story. Some 30 years ago he used to come into the Mrs and Me, a local ice cream shop on Route 1 in Kittery, ME. He was struggling financially but knew he could always stop in for the price-reduced Mistake of the Week. Pistachio ice cream minus the pistachios or cherry ice cream sans cherries. He'd order the ice cream and the forgotten ingredient(s) would be sprinkled on top! Love it. He remembers that Mrs and Me used to employ a lot of students and, apparently, they had a little trouble following the recipes :) Kind of funny you'd leave out the main ingredient but love the idea of admitting it and selling it anyway!

Before Mrs and Me. Rural Maine!

The re-opening after closing in 2000.

I'm guessing butter pecan, maple nut, and lemon souffle are all automated today so ice cream mistakes are uncommon. But, what a great memory for my husband :)

For more information, check out this 2007 article

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