Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Younger Next Year....We'll see!

I've read this entire book...well, I skipped a lot of pages as I was eager to get to the meat of it...but I "read" this book, pretty much cover to cover, over my last two vacation days. I'll go back later and read some of the chapters I skimmed just because it's so much fun to read and so full of information. OK. I know I sound like a commercial but I'm taken by this book and all it's advice. Finally I understand WHY I am supposed to watch what I eat (nothing white, little red meat and lots of fish along with tons of veggies, fruit and grains), exercise like an athlete six days a week, watch stress levels and keep a healthy family/social life going. Makes so much sense. After my workout session with my trainer this morning I am good to go with exercise (well, I will try, anyway!). I spin twice a week, run once a week, workout on the elliptical once a week (all for 45 minutes) and now I'll add in twice weekly sweaty weight-lifting workouts.

I'm getting older by the minute. Fragile bones, weakened eyesight and even more wrinkles on my half-a-century face. Yes I see that all. But, perhaps, at least now I have a good chance of being much more healthy and happy in the upcoming second half of my life (right...I'm going to live to 110!).

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