Friday, December 11, 2009

The Ice Cometh

This morning it is around 17 degrees out...and windy. With windchill I'm guessing it's around 10 degrees. I have bus duty this morning. It's one of the aspects of my job I don't mind when the weather is beautiful and pretty much hate when it's freezing out. I have long underwear to put on at school, an extra jacket with a hood that goes under the wool coat. I have wool mittens to go over the glove liners and I have a hat. My feet have Smartwool socks on and boots and my guess is I will still be cold. Yesterday I had recess duty and complained to a student of mine how cold I was just standing there watching kids run around. He threw me the basketball and we dribbled and shot the entire recess. I was warm and had a blast! Maybe I should do jumping jacks while I stand in front of the buses this morning as students unload :)

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