Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Nurse Mom

I have been sick for about 5 days...home sick. Just today I feel like I am returning from the dead and barely breathing. Still coughing from my toes, but I'm feeling better. This morning I am feeling blue and missing my mom. Say what you will about my imperfect mother, she was always there for me when I was sick. I could call her from 3,000 miles away and the caring, wonderful, kind nurse in her would step up and take care of me. Generally this was hard for her to do but not when I was sick. Here is a picture of my old room that my mom turned into her own room years after I left home. The gold, pull-out sofa belonged to my crazy grandmother and her beloved dolls and teddy bears are everywhere.

Here is the other side of my mom, in another room she made into her own. She loved the computer, watching old romantic or disaster movies and loved to sew. She did all that in this little side room. I miss our old home, which I hear has been completely remodeled and I miss my mom. Rest, drink fluids, and know I love you...that's what my mom would have told me this week were she still alive.

My mom, shortly before her death.
She had a great sense of humor.


  1. Thank you for sharing that about your mom. Hugs and feel better.

  2. hope u feel better. Made me realize how life is so important and i love taking care of the girls when they are sick because they snuggle and just want love. My mom stopped by today with new jammies for the girls because i told her they have been under the weather. Grammies rock....