Sunday, November 29, 2009

New Glass

You never know what fused glass will look like once fired. It's the part of this process I love and the part I hate. I had designed these 37 pieces and when unfired, they were all angular. I picked them up yesterday and none of them had a corner anywhere near a 90 degree angle! "Why are all the edges so rounded?" I wondered. "Hey, these are kind of cool." I thought. I label it my "Round Period" :P The minute my husband saw this batch he said that the heat had been on for too long which is why they all looked like colorful little puddles of glass. My step-son told me the heat was too high. For whatever reason, these little beauties look like shiny lozenges :) When I look at the set in all, I think are some are beautiful, some too round, some too top heavy. I see what I will avoid next time. I imagine embellishing some with wire and beads. And, I always love the pieces with some sparkle. I also see how it's hard to capture the beauty and feel of glass in a photograph.

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