Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Me and My Hair

My hair has always been a big deal to me. Maybe it is to a lot of women but I also know many women who really pay very little attention to their hair. This is me in high school. I wanted straight hair because all the girls had it. To get this style I would go to bed every night with enormous amounts of Dippity-do flattening my hair to my head. When I awoke it was crispy but straight and flat. Attractive, don't you think?

Here is my sister who has had as many hair changes as me though her hair is straight as a needle. She's had it long, short, brunette, frosted, but I have never seen her with gray hair now that I think of it. We were sharing a hug in Mountlake Terrace, our hometown in this photo. In those days my hair was curly and gray and always held back with clips.

This is the back of my hair, uncolored and curly. This shot was taken right after I returned from a very expensive curly hair salon featuring the Ouidad slice and carve cut in MA.
The flagship salon for this Ouidad cut and product line is in NYC. I have visited this beautiful salon, thanks to my wonderful brother.

This is the gray look, curly with my bangs blown out. Not the best look or maybe it was the weather or maybe the wrong product? If I don't use the right product for the right weather conditions, I look like a Q-tip.

This is my hair colored and after I just returned from another visit to the expensive salon in MA. I believe the cut and color cost somewhere around $150. Not only is it expensive but my hair, for this look, has to dry on it's own which takes something along the lines of 3 hours when it's warm and dry out and 10 when it's cold and wintry. I currently live in Maine; it's cold and wintry more than half the year.

This is probably the most unflattering look. Not sure what I was going for there. Yikes. Honestly, before I saw the picture I was convinced I was looking good.

Here I am curly again but this time it looks like I'm wearing a curly cap with tight little ringlets covering my head. It was a warm, humid summer night as we toasted to our engagement.
As much as my hair changes from year to wonderful husband always sports the same, yet flattering cut that costs less than $20 at the local barber.

Here is my curly wedding hair. I loved it. I think inside, I really am a curly girl but I would need a full-time stylist to pull it off.

I'm looking pretty snappy on my honeymoon with longer, curly hair.
No humidity in California.

However, this is how the same head of hair looks after riding across the Golden Gate Bridge.
My hair has a mind of it's own.

Here I am two years ago, first time experimenting with lightening my hair. For whatever reason, the stylist lightened just the front.
Makes me look like a blood-relative vs. a wife to my red-headed husband.

This is me hair is sort of straight, sort of curly, sort of short, brownish hair. Though I no longer slather my curls with Dippity-Do...I do use Ouidad products (bought online in bulk) and have my hair lightened just a bit in front to soften my ever-growing wrinkles :P
Recently my daughter-in-law has joined the fray and started coloring my hair. I'm the blondest I have ever been and it's..... fun.

Maybe next year I'll go fully blond.


  1. Joy's hair has been a constant part of our family. It's like this looming thing that comes into the room before her! It's like a mass of moving life. One thing us Bryan's have is loads of hair! In all the right places!

  2. Joy Im glad u r stepping out with me and letting me take you to places youve never ventured.....Its a softer, younger you:)