Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Tandoori Chicken and Mango Lassi

We started with a sweet and creamy mango lassi. Ever had one of those? I hadn't. Easy to make and delicious to drink. Just blend up a mango (well, after you struggle to get the flesh free from that weird pit and the tough skin), some plain non-fat yogurt, a little sugar or honey (I think a banana might work, as well) and then sprinkle with a dash of cardamom. Oh yah, that's one great mango lassi! I did a little cybersurfing and apparently you can make a sweet, a salty, a pineapple or a mango lassi. Pineapple sounds good for our next Indian meal. Maybe pineapple with a little rum?

Tandoori Clay pot

After the lassi, well, quite a long time after (it took much longer to cook our main course than I imagined because it went from the refrigerator directly to the oven), but anyway, when it was done, out came a succulent chicken that had been marinated in a delicious myriad of Indian spices (and lime juice and chili powder) and yogurt, cooked in my funny looking blue clay tandoori pot. It was unbelievably tasty and spicy hot! We had a friend over for dinner who kept having to blow her nose because the masala was so full of heat :) She was happy, tho.....cleared her sinuses right up! Served along side the tandoori chicken I had whole wheat naan (warmed and crisped up in the oven), and left over Chana masala (from last night) spooned over soft rice to soak up all the juices....last night's Indian meal was amazing. Loving the Indian food these days :)

Tandoori Chicken Out of the Oven
(we already ate 1/2 the chicken when I took this picture!)


  1. Unreal, spectacular and my GOD why couldn't I have been over for dinner?! Good stuff, sis. The mango lassi is very popular in Queens and one the specialties at Jackson Diner where we at. So simple and tasty. See -- good food can be easy and healthy and fun! Love mango in the summer. And that Tandoori Chicken is spectacular. How fun! Great stuff, great pics, great posting!!!