Saturday, June 13, 2009

Graduation....Enjoy the Ride!

So, we are having a graduation party for my step-son today. While, my husband and I are helping out with the party, my daughter-in-law has done most of the planning and is hosting (so great of her to do!) but we are helping out :) He just graduated from college a couple of weeks ago and you can see the graduation balloons - released and drifting towards the auditorium floor, above. Yesterday I was in the halls of our local high school. Graduation was last night. As I walked the halls looking at all the excited, nervous, oh-s0-young, high school kids I was thinking about what a huge transition graduations are. One minute you are a student, studying hard, trying to conform to all the rules, looking forward to the day you graduate and do. In an evening, your life is so different. Reminds me of the first time I was driving my family car alone, way back when at the ridiculous age of 16 (this age is ridiculous as I near 55). I nearly had a full blown anxiety attack as I sat behind the wheel, alone for the first time, my head spinning trying to remember everything I was supposed to pay attention to so I didn't run through a red light, turn at the wrong time, drive beyond the speed limit and get a ticket! Excitement and panic...sitting in the passenger's seat! So much life ahead of graduates. So many decisions to make. So much to pay attention to. Flying solo now...... Congratulations to everybody. Remember to pause and enjoy your life along the way.....before you know it, you are 55, reflecting back on when you were 16!

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