Sunday, May 3, 2009

A showing!

What does an 11:30 showing, by the way, mean to us? Well, first, a frantic call is placed to a woman who can usually come help us clean at a moment's notice. She wasn't game for the kids. Hearing that, we kicked into high gear (dear husband first drank coffee, ate breakfast, drank more coffee). We spent the entire morning (when all I really wanted to do was hang out with my grand kids) cleaning, scrubbing, polishing, dusting, mopping, vacuuming. Of course, we need to do this every Saturday morning, but when you do it for a showing you become possessed. I yell to my husband, "Don't forget to clean up your clothes in the closet!" He scowls back at me. We (well, I) squirt anti-dust cleaners, floor cleaners, bathroom cleaners, window's mania for about 3 hours. When the condo finally sparkles, we flip on every light switch in our home and leave.

The strangest thing we have been told to do is to roll our TVs into the closet before each showing. We have one giant big-screen TV my husband rigged up so it cleaverly sits on rolling cart. The "cart" is actually a coffee table on wheels :) We sling each end of the cart with one of his belts and maneuver the giant screen from living room to bedroom closet, generally yelling at each other the whole way. Who lives without a TV these days I wonder as we push and pull the TV around the couch, through the kitchen, down the hall and into the closet? I know prospective buyers ask, "Where do they put the TVs?" It's like some ridiculous game. But I do see that without TVs in the living room and bedroom, the condo looks more spacious and the focal points are the square footage and the water view. Big sellers, we always hope. We learned later yesterday that our potential buyers have to buy a home in one state (so they can avoid taxes on this home) and sell a home in we'll see if they make an offer any time soon. As always, we know one day soon we will soon drive across the bridge up river and point to our condo, telling each other, "We used to live there!"

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