Thursday, May 28, 2009

The 11:30 Colonoscopy

Oi vey.....once you turn 50 you are supposed to have a screening for polyps in your colon. Polyps can lead to cancer so, hey, it's worth the annoyance. Although it's a great thing to do for your health and peace of mind, what a nasty procedure. When I had mine a year ago (4 years later than I should have!), I had to drink (choke down) bottles of intensely salty fluid and then glass after glass of water on the hour for many hours. My colonoscopy was at 4:30pm (never do that - you are prepping for two days!). My husband had a third colonoscopy this morning. He had to take 32 pills within a short period of time and drink enormous amounts of fluid. We were at the hospital by 7:30 for his procedure (never do that - you get up at 3:30am and visit the toilet repeatedly until you leave for the hospital at 7:00). You're exhausted and famished as you disrobe and climb onto the table. Ask for the 11:30 slot. My husband and I have figured out that's the ideal time. And, definitely go with the pills. I could barely gag down my bottles of salty liquid. He just popped piles of 3 pills every 15 minutes into his mouth. The 11:30am colonoscopy. Make your appointment right after your 50th birthday...and ask for full sedation....we both told our physician (the same one) to knock us out, do her thing and wake us up when you she was done. Final thought....what kind of physician chooses to do this for a living?

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