Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cheese Please

Ok. My husband wants one kind of cheese. He wants a large brick of white, mild cheddar. It is not to be found. On my recent trip to the grocery store I found more types of cheddar cheeses that you can believe, a laughable number of bricks of assorted cheddar cheese, but no large brick of white cheddar. I used to get that for him, but no more, well at least from the grocery store. I was so amazed at the array of cheddar cheese I found on this recent grocery-shopping trip, sans the elusive large brick of white cheddar, that I wrote down all the brands/types of cheddar cheese I could see while standing right in front of the cooler at my local Shaws. Yes, other shoppers had to reach around me (and not without first staring at me!) to grab their New York Sharp Cheddar cheese, 50% reduced fat. Here's what I found: Cracker Barrel sells Vermont sharp white; marbled sharp; sharp white; and extra-sharp white with or without 2% milk. Shaws brand includes white mild (a very small brick at over $6 a pound), New York cheddar, sharp cheddar, New York Cheddar - extra sharp white and yellow, and New York super sharp white. Shaws doesn't carry any Cabot mild white cheddar but the Cabot they do carry had catchy little names including Sharp, Racer's Edge cheddar; Seriously Sharp Hunters Favorite, New York Extra Sharp; New York Extra Sharp naturally aged; and 50% reduced sharp. Sorry, dear husband, no large brick of white cheddar for you this shopping trip - how about a nice slab of Cabot, Sharp, Racer's Edge Cheddar? Or maybe YOU can swing by the cheese store on the way home tonight!

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