Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Agillity...Jumping With Ease

So, Miss Olivia is quite the athlete...we all know this. I could see her laugh at the little jumps, the silly tunnels, the low A-frames she was supposed to run, jump, fly over during Agility class last night (at our neighboring SPCA). We're good here. What we are not good with is inspecting every inch of every dog within a yard of her. Can I say, OMG? I told my husband on the ride home, "I just know somebody is talking about THAT woman who said, 'Leave it!' about 50 times during an hour class." On the 51st time she did learn to leave it after I would said, "Leave it", clicked on this clicker thing and then gave her a treat (well tried to do this) 50 previous times. Our time in agility class (we love our SPCA, by the way) will be not about jumping around, over, and under. It will be about helping Miss Olivia mind her own behind and learning to leave her canine classmates' alone!

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  1. Leave it, leave it, leave it, leave it Oh and LEAVE IT!