Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sister Love

Saturday mornings, as I have written, have turned into great family times. My step-son comes over with the girls, mom is busy working. They are adorable,don't you think? Miss B is a blonde bubble of energy. She's creative and loving. She's well-behaved and comes out with the funniest little remarks. Yesterday she told me, as we sat playing paper dolls, "I have an idea!" "No kidding," I told her. "What is it?" She really had nothing more to say. And my step-son tells me that sometimes when you ask her to do something, she will tell you she can't because she has a back ache.

Miss A, as far as we can tell, is very into her environment, very attuned to anything visual or auditory or tactile. I even scared her once at the bowling alley when I was holding her and laughed out loud. She burst into tears. She loves our dog, Olivia. She loves watching Olivia, she loves hearing Olivia's tags tinkle as she walks (and will twist her body out of my arms to follow that sound), and she LOVES feeling Olivia's soft fur. She will stare you down, just stop in the middle of eating and stare at you or stare out the window. Just taking a little break and checking out a noise or a movement that has captured her attention.

The girls' parents have been very aware and worked hard to promote sister love. Looks like they have done a good job....

Well, they feel the love most of the time :) "Hey, that's my hair you are grabbing!"

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  1. What a cute picture! Tell Rusty to keep bending that knee.....yikes.